Septic tanks

The septic tank is a watertight underground tank that collects sewage produced in households, eliminate polluting materials largely concentrated in wastewater and ensure retention of solids and floating waste.

One solution that indexes can be achieved is the installation of septic tanks to collect and clean water.

How it works ?
  • The water enters the first compartment of the septic tank where settling processes occur, separation, fermentation and degradation ;
  • The secondary clarifier is made of two sedimentation pond water for more efficient ;
  • The water already decanted primary and secondary clarifier chamber passes and then is removed in drainage ;
  • Solid materials sink to the bottom of the tank and remove the periodic emptying ;
  • Burrow into the soil without any design, requires no skilled ;
  • Doest not require other substances for proper functioning ;
  • It can be buried at 1 m depth (on request may be made for burial depths greater).
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